London places to eat!

London is home to many famous tourist spots in the UK and also famous for shopping. I recently had a short trip to London so this time, I really wanted to do something not so common, not tourist-kind of trip but but foodie trip to London for people who love love trying out new food! Well, I only went to London for one and a half days so not many I can squeeze in a day. But I am sure you’ll love my suggestions xx


  1. Roti King


Location: King’s Cross, London.

If you have been to Malaysia and love Malaysian food, you’ll know all about their roti craziness. I am nuts for them too ❤ This is the only place in the UK (that I know of) that serves authentic roti canai where they make it from scratch! Also you can catch the roti-maker in action when they made your order. My friend and I only ordered roti canai but one serving is enough for two. It is beyond delicious. SO SO GOOD! I didn’t try other dishes because only roti canai was all on my mind but if I see other customers having a heap of varieties on their table! Not sure how they finished them all, but it just tells how goooood everything is.


Also, may I remind you to order teh tarik for the drink? It really adds to the Malaysian feels and also goes very well with roti canai. They have loads of roti selections, my suggestion would be roti tissue, roti telur and roti canai special.


If i need to comment on anything, it has to be the size of the diner. You may need to queue up for as long as one hour before getting a seat. I suggest go alone or with another person because you can cut the wait as they can always fit in one/two more people. For me, it is totally worth the wait when the food is so heavenly good. Good luck!


The famous roti canai & teh tarik ❤

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Malaysian slang combining four different languages!


2. Rasa Sayang


Location: Chinatown, London


Well do I have enough of Malaysian food or do I have enough of Malaysian food? Just after a few hours at Roti King, I suddenly felt the urge to try more foods. It’s just a happy coincidence that I went for a walk to Chinatown since they have several Malaysian restaurants here as well. Here, they serve all kinds of rice and noodle dishes, if you are familiar with Malaysia, you might know laksa which you can’t get anywhere else! Rasa Sayang is originally a title of traditional folk song, very famous in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore alike since they share quite the same culture and heritage.


I was actually very full with roti canai earlier but I can’t just go past Rasa Sayang without trying anything! I ordered curry mee and fried tofu as a side dish since I  suddenly remembered I haven’t had vegetables that day. Curry mee came in quite alarge portion for one but maybe because I wasn’t that hungry. I would love the broth to be thicker but love its spiciness and asian-ness of the broth <3! I haven’t heard of fried tofu much but I think it is one of chinese food in Malaysia. There is a sweet sauce to accompany my fried tofu which is the highlight of the dish! It is sweet and nutty, but I can see some trace of chilli. I tried to think of anything close to this but nope, this is new! Gotta try yourself! Lastly, I love the ambience of the restaurant and pretty much enjoyed their friendly service. Plus, I shared a table with an elder Singaporean man who lives in London and came down there just to get the taste of hometown. Great great time talking to him.



Fried tofu with vegies


Curry mee


3. The Muffin Man Tea Shop


Location: Kensington, London.


On the second day, I finally think I had enough of Asian dish and decided to go for sweet. There is one tea shop that I always see people posted on Instagram, of course out of many cafes on instagram. This one caught my eye probably because I heard it is the oldest tea shop in Kensington. Well, I am very glad a paid a visit! The location is not far from the shopping street and the shop itself looks so lovely and classic. I thought their speciality is muffin but I guess not? What people always have is the scone and also their selections of tea.

I ordered tuna sandwich, marble cake and Muffin Man scones with clotted cream and jam. Verdict: Super delicious!! Especially the tuna sandwich. I think the ones I had all this while were a bit watery with tuna and it always had this tuna fishy smell. I don’t really care about it but after this one, I am convinced this is the best one I ever had! The tuna filling is about right, not heavy with mayo, and fresh! I do suggest you opt for toasted bread though. The scones were great as well, only because I’m quite full on sandwich so I don’t enjoy the scones that much. Which brings me to my cake, which I had to take-away home. The price is quite ok provided that it is located in Kensington area. You’ll find similar price in other cafes anyway so trying out this one won’t hurt your wallet I promise.


Their cake counter

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My tuna sandwich, scones and marble cake


World Famous Nasi Lemak

So turned out I had another opportunity flying with Malaysia Airlines but it’s such a huge different from previous one. For 1) I had an overnight flight. And 2) I was on different fleet. So the seating and entertainment system differ. I’d say this is a way better flight even though it’s an overnight one, which I always despise.

Let me start with the cabin crews. I’ve come to a conclusion that Asian airlines have the most polite cabin crews. I don’t fly business, nor would I ever buy a business class ticket. Even so, I’d love to be treated at least in a decent manner. I’m not asking for a business class smile… (maybe it’s similar to this 🙂 but a hundred times sweeter) 😚 just serve my food like you enjoy it… mihmihmih

We departed at almost midnight and so it’s sleep time for me. Unfortunately, I don’t sleep well on planes no matter how exhausted I am. There always light coming in my way and that icy coldness I couldn’t stand. I always end up getting a runny nose in flights so… there are tissues everywhere ha ha. I tried to clean up my area so the person next to me doesn’t feel disgusted! Since it’s already midnight, we get a snack box which they called Sky Snack (thought you might wanna know…?) I didn’t take a picture of it because I don’t want to disrupt the old man next to me eventhough I dying to do so T.T 

We had a muffin, tuna sandwich and a oat bar in the box and of course refreshments to wash them down. I was starrrrrrr…ving so I finished all except muffin. I wanted to have it with a nice cup of hot tea but I couldn’t get one because of turbulence. So i waited and waited…. until the muffin is all cold and dry and I dozed off.


I woke up to a beautiful view of the moon in the sky and the smell of breakfast. Our breakfast was nasi lemak , a famous Malaysian dish. It’s composed of rice, prawns, chilli paste, fried anchovies and hard-boiled egg. It was delicious! While it might not live up to the actual taste in Malaysia, I think it’s a good one for a flight meal. Again, there’s a turbulence so I couldn’t request a hot tea. And I still keep my dry muffin…until I gave up waiting and in the end, finished it. Sad muffin story. Turned out, the turbulence took up most of the flight time and my awake time so that’s why I never get my cuppa 😦


The in-flight entertainment is better than the last one I had. I watched Home, an animation movie, and it’s really the highlight of my time onboard! So hilarious and I literally had to press my mouth to not make any loud ugly laughing sound but it’s really funny! 😂😂😂 Anyways, the movie and tv show selections are enough to make myself indecisive. I only watched one movie and I didn’t finish it because they shut the entertainment system before landing. That means around 30mins not doing anything on the plane! Well, I could read but I still want my in-flight entertainment to go on. Heads up, they collect all headphones before preparation to land. But I use my own earpods to watch the movie.. until they shut it down 😦


P/s: This is not Home!




I would love flying with them again!