One day in Penang, Malaysia

Just want to quickly write about my recent trip to Penang, Malaysia. Quite different from the rest of the country, once you are here, you’ll feel the culture contrast especially by the Chinese. But then again, mosque and temples and also churches coexist in this small island. One word, dense. Culturally dense hence you’ll get a little bit of everything in menu choices. Let me start you off.

Morning drive from nearby Alor Star to Penang and arrived just in time for lunch. Our first stop was Restoran Kapitan. If you need recommendation, I gladly urge you to try tandoori chicken and briyani rice. Very filling indeed. Of course, you have to get teh tarik in every restaurant in Malaysia. That’s like world’s best hands down.



After lunch, I really have to force myself to walkaround town because of all the calories I’ve gobbled down. So I just went to the nearby Kapitan Mosque. It was built by the Indian Muslims who first settled down in the earlier days. Also I was told it’s the biggest mosque in Penang. No picture as we were drenched in sweat due to great hot Asian tropical weather.



Then! We were blessed with rain showers later that evening so I was more than delighted to walk further around the town. Now people, if you are like me who love artsy and taking photos, let’s walk more and more to find wall arts around town. Here are a few that I found!



Now that it was late evening, but it’s still very nice and sunny with occassional showers (how can you not love the weather???) we made our way to a local cafe just to chillax before going back. We found a total gem in Georgetown. I would not talk about the price because I do admit it is pricey no matter how I want to justify the place. But in all seriousness, it’s a great place to take five with a drink (only one! :(…. ) I had an iced coffee and my friend had a smothie. Oh, and the place is called Awesome Canteen. I do like their service and decorations sooo yes, I would recommend this cafe!


Last but not least, please treat yourself to local delicacy called pasembur. I was too tired to find a famous place of this but surprisingly you can just find the meal everywhere. I came to Penang for the food and would totally stay for daysss to try everything my friend had listed down for me ūüė¶ But if you only have a day, I strongly recommend you to see the town on foot and splurge yourself with all the goodness around town. Defo will come back soooon!



London places to eat!

London is home to many famous tourist spots in the UK and also famous for shopping. I recently had a short trip to London so this time, I really wanted to do something not so common, not tourist-kind of trip but but foodie trip to London for people who love love trying out new food! Well, I only went to London for one and a half days so not many I can squeeze in a day. But I am sure you’ll love my suggestions xx


  1. Roti King


Location: King’s Cross, London.

If you have been to Malaysia and love Malaysian food, you’ll know all about their roti craziness. I am nuts for them too ‚̧ This is the only place in the UK (that I know of) that serves authentic roti canai where they make it from scratch! Also you can catch the roti-maker in action when they made your order. My friend and I only ordered roti canai but one serving is enough for two. It is beyond delicious. SO SO GOOD! I didn’t try other dishes¬†because only roti canai was all on my mind but if I see other customers having¬†a heap of varieties on their table! Not sure how they finished them all, but it just tells how goooood everything is.


Also, may I remind you to order teh tarik for the drink? It really adds to the Malaysian feels and also goes very well with roti canai. They have loads of roti selections, my suggestion would be roti tissue, roti telur and roti canai special.


If i need to comment on anything, it has to be the size of the diner. You may need to queue up for as long as one hour before getting a seat. I suggest go alone or with another person because you can cut the wait as they can always fit in one/two more people. For me, it is totally worth the wait when the food is so heavenly good. Good luck!


The famous roti canai & teh tarik ‚̧

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Malaysian slang combining four different languages!


2. Rasa Sayang


Location: Chinatown, London


Well do I have enough of Malaysian food or do I have enough of Malaysian food? Just after a few hours at Roti King, I suddenly felt the urge to try more foods. It’s just a happy coincidence that I went for a walk to Chinatown since they have several Malaysian restaurants here as well. Here, they serve all kinds of rice and noodle dishes, if you are familiar with Malaysia, you might know laksa which you can’t get anywhere else! Rasa Sayang is originally a title of traditional folk song, very famous in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore alike since they share quite the same culture and heritage.


I was actually very full with roti canai earlier but I can’t just go past Rasa Sayang without trying anything! I ordered curry mee and fried tofu as a side dish since I ¬†suddenly remembered I haven’t had vegetables that day. Curry mee came in quite alarge portion for one but maybe because I wasn’t that hungry. I would love the broth to be thicker but love its spiciness and asian-ness of the broth <3! I haven’t heard of fried tofu much but I think it is one of chinese food in Malaysia. There is a sweet sauce to accompany my fried tofu which is the highlight of the dish! It is sweet and nutty, but I can see some trace of chilli. I tried to think of anything close to this but nope, this is new! Gotta try yourself! Lastly, I love the ambience of the restaurant and pretty much enjoyed their friendly service. Plus, I shared a table with an elder Singaporean man who lives in London and came down there just to get the taste of hometown. Great great time talking to him.



Fried tofu with vegies


Curry mee


3. The Muffin Man Tea Shop


Location: Kensington, London.


On the second day, I finally think I had enough of Asian dish and decided to go for sweet. There is one tea shop that I always see people posted on Instagram, of course out of many cafes on instagram. This one caught my eye probably because I heard it is the oldest tea shop in Kensington. Well, I am very glad a paid a visit! The location is not far from the shopping street and the shop itself looks so lovely and classic. I thought their speciality is muffin but I guess not? What people always have is the scone and also their selections of tea.

I ordered tuna sandwich, marble¬†cake and Muffin Man scones with clotted cream and jam. Verdict: Super delicious!! Especially the tuna sandwich. I think the ones I had all this while were a bit watery with tuna and it always had this tuna fishy smell. I don’t really care about it but after this one, I am convinced this is the best one I ever had! The tuna filling is about right, not heavy with mayo, and fresh! I do suggest you opt for toasted bread though. The scones were great as well, only because I’m quite full on sandwich so I don’t enjoy the scones that much. Which brings me to my cake, which I had to take-away home. The price is quite ok provided that it is located in Kensington area. You’ll find similar price in other cafes anyway so trying out this one won’t hurt your wallet I promise.


Their cake counter

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My tuna sandwich, scones and marble cake

When in Malaysia

I had a lovely time here during my visit, but that’s probably because I enjoyed my friends’ company :p Kuala Lumpur is bzzzzing busy as all other capital cities are, but to be honest, it is kinda off-putting and I didn’t feel to go out at all. I went to Seremban from Kuala Lumpur and I thought maybe it would be less crowded so I searched for a decent and quiet place for a nice chat with great local food.

I ended up¬†having¬†two cafes in Seremban, which were quite pleasant; given that they are not within a few minutes drive. I have not tried any other places but since I am quite satisfied with these places, a review won’t hurt ūüėČ


I was told that this is a Korean owned coffee shop with Korean staffs and Korean menu as well. Since I’ve been to Korea, I could see Korean coffee culture and how they tried to incarnate that in their cafe.

I would say that their choice of beverage is quite limited and overprice as well. The average price for a drink is over RM10 and yes, it is just a medium cup of coffee. Now, I do understand that the price in Malaysian currency would appear cheaper in Korean Won, but the feeling of paying that amount of money for that amount of coffee, at least for me, is really expensive. Fortunately, the coffee tastes good, and it comes with a small biscuit as well.

Looking around the cafe, I can understand people love this place. I love the interior decor and calm atmosphere. Some people could find it different but I love white so it suits me well. However, I found their staffs to be cold and lack of smiles. During my stay, I recall less than ten customers at that time whom they had all been served. If they improve on that one, I think it will be a superb experience. So all in all, coffee+price+atmosphere+service= 5/10.

IMG_1274 2

Mocha with a side of little biscuit 


IMG_1278 2

Order counter and till



Interior on the second floor


2. Big Mouth Cafe

I have to say it is hard to find a best burger place unless you go to fast food chain, of course. I had too many Malay dishes so it was time I crave for something I used to eating, burgers, chips, ahh we do have our longing for these. This is the closest burger place I was introduced to in Seremban area. Well, practically I chose this one because of the unique decorations. well, it does pay off since it attracts customer like me! I do like pretty diners but yes, how the food taste is everything. I had beef burger with a milkshake. I liked my portion, the sauce was ok, the patty was a bit dry but I believe it was homemade. I do hope so. My milkshake was the best part of my visit! Finally, price is a lot more than I expected but as I enjoyed their service, ambience and also my very amusing¬†company, I rate them 7/10. Love to recommend this place to you, just search Big Mouth on GoogleMaps ‚̧



At the entrance!








Best Grilled Fish in Seoul!

Last month my friends and I had a chance to go strolling around Sinchon, because we had some time to kill. And we’ve always wanted to explore bits of Sinchon as it is home to several famous cafes in Seoul! We did not have a lot of time because it was evening and we wanted to go home by 11. So, we went to the famous grilled fish restaurant, called Gosame.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 12.58.06 PM

What’s famous here is of course the grilled fish! You can choose from three types of fish; mackerel, dot dot dot and dot dot dot. I can’t remember the names T..T Anyways, I think all of them are delicious but one is enough¬†for three people to share! It’s too salty to eat by its own, so you need to add some other dishes like we did!


We ordered tofu stew¬†which is my favourite. Major love for the tofu! And it wasn’t too hot for my liking. I’m not into spicy foods, I think it’s major distraction to the overall taste. If you like super hot food, order tuna stew and ask them to make it extra hot! I don’t recommend though ha ha. And we also ordered chilli squid. It’s cooked with¬†korean chilli paste. Maybe you can ask them to make it extra hot, if you want, but we didn’t and it was mild. And it’s really good!

So this is how Koreans normally eat. Take a salad leaf, put rice, fish meat and squid on it, wrap it and off it goes into your mouth. I like it that way because the spiciness reduced a little more.

The price? Our meal costs us a little under $20. That’s for three people!




It’s quite¬†difficult to find. I was lucky my friend knows the direction. But, you could start by getting off Sinchon station Line 2 and go towards Hyundai Department store UPLEX exit. It’s such a loooooong walk but you’ll see lots of shops and restaurants on your way… like Nature Republic, The Body Shop and KAKAO Friends Shop.



You’ll see a GIANT¬†RED¬†pipe¬†¬†as you exit the station and a junction on your left. Long story short…. follow the map! Phewwww bad sense for direction :’-(

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 1.01.31 PM

Cafe hopping in Seoul

Hello! I so wanted to write about this from my visit to Seoul sometime in…summer I guess. So this was me doing cafe-hopping, although it’s only two cafes in a day. We wanted to stop by more places but.. nope! I have reasons for that. One, I’m not a coffee lover. Two, cafes usually only serve drinks and desserts which, I already felt sick at the sight of them in the second cafe ha ha. And three, why waste on drinks when you can spend on real food? That’s it. I can never go cafe hopping. I don’t love coffees enough to stop by a few in a day. Maybe I will try again when my wallet is thicker :-p

Anyways, for a fun day in Seoul, we went cafe hopping in Samcheong-dong, just a walking distance from Kyeongbuk Palace. Mind you, the palace is huge! If you think you’re lost, just take the taxi. It is blazing hot in summer, and I don’t think you wanna walk further. And Samcheong-dong is quite a big area. It has many alleys with lots of stores and cafes. We did get lost. We went up the hill, found some cool artsy wall paintings where young Koreans had their photoshoot for the items¬†they’re selling ( I pretty much think so!) and we went down, drenched in sweat, and finally found some cafes!


First cafe!

Second one, just behind the first one!

Second one, just behind the first one!

We were so excited because they’re all very pretty! If you can’t tell, look at the Korean girls getting excited as well. Mih mih. We wanted to get in the first cafe we found because we’re super exhausted and sweaty and we¬†need a break from our¬†giant bags. Well that’s the plan. But we’re quick to spot the second one behind it! And then, we decided that it’s too cute and too girlish for us LOL! Anyways, we settled for the third one, just a few steps from the second one!

Billy Angel Cake Company

Billy Angel Cake Company

This is how it looks like inside

IMG_0027IMG_0028My drink was to-die-for! It’s called muscat tea latte and I was wowed! My friends tasted it and got wowed as well. NO kidding. Too bad I can’t remember the tea brand they’re using. They also serve cakes which look so scrumptious! Amazeballs! But I am not in the mood for any.

The second cafe is must be girls’ favourite! Can you see from afar???!






A Cath Kidston’s cafe! Cath Cafe! I swear I couldn’t stop smiling! They sell Cath Kidston stuff as well.IMG_0022IMG_0023.

My eyes literally had loves in them ‚̧


We ordered a drink and a cake because we didn’t feel eating anything fancy. They had great cakes as well, their coffees are cheap, but non-coffee drinks are quite expensive. Sad face me!

Don’t forget to drop by if you’re here. I think you can find them easily, just use Google maps or Naver maps (Koreans love naver -.-) If I have to choose, I’d love to revisit Billy Angel for the muscat tea latte! ‚̧