Itinerary: Germany and Austria in five days!


Hi, this is really a long overdue post as I’ve been meaning to write this after my winter trip in Germany and Austria but now it’s already summer. So, in this post I really want to talk about how I spent on one-week of Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Salzburg under £250! I was amazed myself at how I managed to make it work because I was never a thrifty traveler. I traveled on the first day of 2017 so why not I start realising my 2017 goal on the very first day! Well well, was it hard? Very. Especially when I always buy tonnes of souvenir (for myself) and family, friends, neighbours, teachers, colleagues. Now you see why this is a huge step for me?


So, for this trip these are the places I went:

  1. Hamburg
  2. Berlin
  3. Munich
  4. Salzburg


1/1:  8am flight from Manchester to Hamburg

Night 1 on bus

2/1: 2am bus from Hamburg to Berlin

arrive Berlin 3hrs later

Night 2 at Berlin

3/1: Berlin sightseeing

Night 3 at Berlin

4/1: morning bus from Berlin to Munich

arrive evening, Night 4 at Munich

5/1: Munich sightseeing

Night 5 at Munich

6/1: 11am bus to Salzburg

arrive Salzburg, Night 6 at Salzburg

7/1: evening flight from Salzburg to London


Total cost (roughly):

  1. Flights: Manchester-Hamburg, Salzburg-London £30
  2. Coaches to Berlin, Munich and Salzburg: £50
  3. Accomodation in Berlin, Munich and Salzburg: £80
  4. Travel expenses: £100


So, altogether I’ve spent £260 in this trip BUT given that I’ve had a few notes of EURO left, I can say that the total cost was under £250! I was shocked with myself because I never am a thrifty traveler but I made it this time. Very excited about this, I wanna do a long post of my whole journey, where I went, where I stayed and what I ate. Till then xx


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