The Fault In my Decision?

I am now starting my final semester of the undergraduate studies. The feeling? Priceless! The journey? Insane! I study engineering, I had always thought engineering was for me because I had always loved the idea of how a thing is produced and operated. You know… curiosity. But that alone is not enough. I guess, I just got less curious as I was growing up. It was hard at first, and then… harder. Until, I just don’t care anymore and pretty much question my decision. But the thought of quitting is out of the picture. If I quit, would that be right? What would I pursue after that? What are other things I really have real interest in?



I feel like I dread every second of my journey to the point where I just don’t care about the grades anymore. But now, having one semester left before graduation and looking back to all I’ve done along the way, it feels so surreal. I feel proud of myself. And I question myself, do I really like what I studied? And I can feel my inside voice says a confident yes. I like my field of study. I like the chills I had when I could relate the knowledge to what’s around me. And I love the feeling.. that one day, I can make great discoveries and be a part of groundbreaking researches. It gives me so much hope, I feel so motivated to study. Over the past years, I tried my best. I had my worst exams way more than good ones.



At this point, I’m excited for my journey will be over soon. But scared, because I don’t know what’s gonna come next. I am trying hard now to plan ahead. I’m scared of what’s the future stored for me. I just can hope that it won’t be too far from what I’ve planned 🙂


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