World Famous Nasi Lemak

So turned out I had another opportunity flying with Malaysia Airlines but it’s such a huge different from previous one. For 1) I had an overnight flight. And 2) I was on different fleet. So the seating and entertainment system differ. I’d say this is a way better flight even though it’s an overnight one, which I always despise.

Let me start with the cabin crews. I’ve come to a conclusion that Asian airlines have the most polite cabin crews. I don’t fly business, nor would I ever buy a business class ticket. Even so, I’d love to be treated at least in a decent manner. I’m not asking for a business class smile… (maybe it’s similar to this ūüôā but a hundred times sweeter) ūüėö just serve my food like you enjoy it… mihmihmih

We departed at almost midnight and so it’s sleep time for me. Unfortunately, I don’t sleep well on planes no matter how exhausted I am. There always light coming in my way and that icy coldness I couldn’t stand. I always end up getting a runny nose in flights so… there are tissues everywhere ha ha. I tried to clean up my area so the person next to me doesn’t feel disgusted! Since it’s already midnight, we get a snack box which they called Sky Snack (thought you might wanna know…?) I didn’t take a picture of it because I don’t want to disrupt the old man¬†next to me eventhough I dying to do so T.T¬†

We had a muffin, tuna sandwich and a oat bar in the box and of course refreshments to wash them down. I was starrrrrrr…ving so I finished all except muffin. I wanted to have it with a nice cup of hot tea but I couldn’t get one because of turbulence. So i waited and waited…. until the muffin is all cold and dry and I dozed off.


I woke up to a beautiful view of the moon in the sky and the smell of breakfast.¬†Our breakfast was nasi lemak , a famous Malaysian dish. It’s composed of rice, prawns, chilli paste, fried anchovies and hard-boiled egg. It was delicious! While it might not live up to the actual taste in Malaysia, I think it’s a good one for a flight meal. Again, there’s a turbulence so I couldn’t request a hot tea. And I still keep my dry muffin…until I gave up waiting and in the end, finished it. Sad muffin story. Turned out, the turbulence took up most of the flight time and my awake time so that’s why I never get my cuppa ūüė¶


The in-flight entertainment is better than the last one I had. I watched Home, an animation movie, and it’s really the highlight of my¬†time onboard! So hilarious and I literally had to press my mouth to not make any loud ugly laughing sound but it’s really funny!¬†ūüėāūüėāūüėā Anyways, the movie and tv show selections are enough to make myself indecisive. I only watched one movie and I didn’t finish it because they shut the entertainment system before landing. That means around 30mins not doing anything on the plane! Well, I could read but I still want my in-flight entertainment to go on. Heads up, they collect all headphones before preparation to land. But I use my own earpods to watch the movie.. until they shut it down ūüė¶


P/s: This is not Home!




I would love flying with them again!

Best Grilled Fish in Seoul!

Last month my friends and I had a chance to go strolling around Sinchon, because we had some time to kill. And we’ve always wanted to explore bits of Sinchon as it is home to several famous cafes in Seoul! We did not have a lot of time because it was evening and we wanted to go home by 11. So, we went to the famous grilled fish restaurant, called Gosame.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 12.58.06 PM

What’s famous here is of course the grilled fish! You can choose from three types of fish; mackerel, dot dot dot and dot dot dot. I can’t remember the names T..T Anyways, I think all of them are delicious but one is enough¬†for three people to share! It’s too salty to eat by its own, so you need to add some other dishes like we did!


We ordered tofu stew¬†which is my favourite. Major love for the tofu! And it wasn’t too hot for my liking. I’m not into spicy foods, I think it’s major distraction to the overall taste. If you like super hot food, order tuna stew and ask them to make it extra hot! I don’t recommend though ha ha. And we also ordered chilli squid. It’s cooked with¬†korean chilli paste. Maybe you can ask them to make it extra hot, if you want, but we didn’t and it was mild. And it’s really good!

So this is how Koreans normally eat. Take a salad leaf, put rice, fish meat and squid on it, wrap it and off it goes into your mouth. I like it that way because the spiciness reduced a little more.

The price? Our meal costs us a little under $20. That’s for three people!




It’s quite¬†difficult to find. I was lucky my friend knows the direction. But, you could start by getting off Sinchon station Line 2 and go towards Hyundai Department store UPLEX exit. It’s such a loooooong walk but you’ll see lots of shops and restaurants on your way… like Nature Republic, The Body Shop and KAKAO Friends Shop.



You’ll see a GIANT¬†RED¬†pipe¬†¬†as you exit the station and a junction on your left. Long story short…. follow the map! Phewwww bad sense for direction :’-(

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 1.01.31 PM

The Fault In my Decision?

I am now starting¬†my final semester of the undergraduate studies. The feeling? Priceless! The journey? Insane! I study engineering, I had always thought engineering was for me because I had always loved the idea of how a thing is produced and operated. You know… curiosity. But that alone is not enough. I guess, I just got less curious as I was growing up. It was hard at first, and then… harder. Until, I just don’t care anymore and pretty much question my decision. But the thought of quitting is out of the picture. If I quit, would that be right? What would I pursue after that? What are other things I really have real interest in?



I feel like I dread every second of my journey to the point where I just don’t care about the grades anymore. But now, having one semester left before graduation and looking back to all I’ve done along the way, it feels so surreal. I feel proud of myself. And I question myself, do I really like what I studied? And I can feel my¬†inside voice says a confident yes. I like my field of study. I like the chills I had when I could¬†relate the knowledge to what’s around me. And I love the feeling.. that one day, I can¬†make¬†great discoveries and be a part of groundbreaking researches. It gives me so much hope, I feel¬†so motivated to study. Over the past years, I tried my best. I had my worst exams way more than good ones.



At this point, I’m excited for my journey will be over soon. But scared, because I don’t know what’s gonna come next. I am trying hard now to plan ahead. I’m scared of what’s the future stored for me. I just can hope that it won’t be too far from what I’ve planned ūüôā

Onboard Malaysia Airlines

1)Incheon Airport is huge, but I didn’t have enough time to explore every nook and cranny. If anything, I’d like the toilet to have more cubicles (but it’s too late for any layout changes now ūüėī)

If you find yourself at Incheon Airport sometime soon, go to the second floor. They have a tourism centre where you can try out traditional clothes and there’s a¬†background of Korean house if you wanna take a photo! Too bad I was rushing for my flight.



2) In case you didn’t know, Malaysia Airlines was in two major air disasters last year, both resulted in loss of all lives onboard and their 777 planes. I bet you know, it was all over the news. I remembered myself feeling so traumatised by the news¬†and I cried because I don’t think I can fly anymore. My breakdown went on for a few days…..before I embark on another last-minute holiday. Err..what are the tears for?




Anyways, I was onboard B777. It looks old, but I don’t mind as long as it’s safe to fly. Even the entertainment system is¬†tricky. I looked around, everyone wasn’t so sure as well. It was a daytime flight, so eventhough I was sleepy like cray cray, it’s hard to sleep during the day. The seating is 2-4-2. I requested a window seat. And I hoped no one is sitting beside me. Too bad ūüė¶ But he’s nice and we’re already friends on facebook ha ha! The seats are ok, well-padded and just nice for a girl with an average height. I will be concerned about the leg room for a tall person though. The guy beside me is really tall, but he is skinny so that’s a huge¬†phewww for him, from me.


The cabin crew are quite friendly. Their service is fine. I mean what do I expect. I fly economy, not business. The flight meal was nice. I got a chicken pasta. May I add that everything onboard Malaysia Airlines is halal, just like the Middle Eastern airlines. I’ve flown this route with Malaysia Airlines before, and I must say that the flight meal used to be more than what I got the last time. I could put aside some snacks so I can have it later. Now I can finish everything in a go. Or, was I just hungry? hurmm…

Anyways, I’ve finished everything but I tried to eat sloww–ly but continuously. Because there’s a guy next to me who didn’t even finish his food…. it’s either he’s full or he just doesn’t eat much, which, judging from his size, I pretty much think it’s the latter. Which also¬†makes me either… too hungry or I just eat a lot… and I pretty much think both are true mih mih.

Overall, I like their service, flight meals and movies choice. I just hope that they provide a wide variety of drinks. And I’d be grateful if they could provide the headset at the very beginning (although I can just use my earpods– I just knew– the guy told me) and don’t collect them before landing. In fact, let us enjoy the entertainment contents even after landing, until taxiing or until we feel like leaving the airplane.

I will fly Malaysia Airlines one more soon to my next destination. Hope it’s a good one ūüôā




3) I was in KL Airport for a good 6 hours+ layover and took some time to explore the area. There are so many chocolates but I didn’t get any,I don’t want to carry anymore extra bags. But, there is a promotion at Victoria Secret…! It’s such a good deal, so I got myself some body mists. These ones, I don’t mind one more bag. Then, I killed the remaining time at Harrods Cafe. I of course got a nice cup pot of tea, yum ‚̧

IMG_0040Let us focus at the promotion, ma’am :p


Obligatory shot by someone who can only afford a drink at Harrods ūüė¶

p/s: more Seoul posts coming!

Cafe hopping in Seoul

Hello! I so wanted to write about this from my visit to Seoul sometime in…summer I guess. So this was me doing cafe-hopping, although it’s only two cafes in a day. We wanted to stop by more places but.. nope! I have reasons for that. One, I’m not a coffee lover. Two, cafes usually only serve drinks and desserts which, I already felt sick at the sight of them in the second cafe ha ha. And three, why waste on drinks when you can spend on real food? That’s it. I can never go cafe hopping. I don’t love coffees enough to stop by a few in a day. Maybe I will try again when my wallet is thicker :-p

Anyways, for a fun day in Seoul, we went cafe hopping in Samcheong-dong, just a walking distance from Kyeongbuk Palace. Mind you, the palace is huge! If you think you’re lost, just take the taxi. It is blazing hot in summer, and I don’t think you wanna walk further. And Samcheong-dong is quite a big area. It has many alleys with lots of stores and cafes. We did get lost. We went up the hill, found some cool artsy wall paintings where young Koreans had their photoshoot for the items¬†they’re selling ( I pretty much think so!) and we went down, drenched in sweat, and finally found some cafes!


First cafe!

Second one, just behind the first one!

Second one, just behind the first one!

We were so excited because they’re all very pretty! If you can’t tell, look at the Korean girls getting excited as well. Mih mih. We wanted to get in the first cafe we found because we’re super exhausted and sweaty and we¬†need a break from our¬†giant bags. Well that’s the plan. But we’re quick to spot the second one behind it! And then, we decided that it’s too cute and too girlish for us LOL! Anyways, we settled for the third one, just a few steps from the second one!

Billy Angel Cake Company

Billy Angel Cake Company

This is how it looks like inside

IMG_0027IMG_0028My drink was to-die-for! It’s called muscat tea latte and I was wowed! My friends tasted it and got wowed as well. NO kidding. Too bad I can’t remember the tea brand they’re using. They also serve cakes which look so scrumptious! Amazeballs! But I am not in the mood for any.

The second cafe is must be girls’ favourite! Can you see from afar???!






A Cath Kidston’s cafe! Cath Cafe! I swear I couldn’t stop smiling! They sell Cath Kidston stuff as well.IMG_0022IMG_0023.

My eyes literally had loves in them ‚̧


We ordered a drink and a cake because we didn’t feel eating anything fancy. They had great cakes as well, their coffees are cheap, but non-coffee drinks are quite expensive. Sad face me!

Don’t forget to drop by if you’re here. I think you can find them easily, just use Google maps or Naver maps (Koreans love naver -.-) If I have to choose, I’d love to revisit Billy Angel for the muscat tea latte! ‚̧

Book: Me Before You

I bought this book last year but couldn’t find time to read it. My plate had been crazy with tonnes of assignments, revisions, group projects, graduation thesis and student council. Its’ semester break now so I’ve decided that I need to catch a breath and I need to detach from anything academic. Not gonna read anything engineering related anymore period.

I’ve been staring and wanting to read this¬†book but I knew I couldn’t focus and finish it before. Finally I started reading and it took me three days to finish. I tried squeezing in reading amidst my other routines so I could finish asap. This is the given synopsis.

Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick.

What Lou doesn’t know is she’s about to lose her job or that knowing what’s coming is what keeps her sane.

Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he’s going to put a stop to that.

What Will doesn’t know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And neither of them knows they’re going to change the other for all time.

One thing that I realise I enjoy the story is that I felt an overwhelming flow of emotions¬†at the ending. That is a rare response from me because I swear I lack of emotions. I don’t cry at movies or books and I’m not even impressed of what my friends claimed¬†as the best movie ever :-/ mihmihmih. I don’t cry at the end but I can somehow feel the sorrow and¬†it feels like¬†I’m mourning for whatever happened to the guy.

The cover and synopsis however gave me an idea that the story is about some cheesy and cliche love story between a rich man and an average jane. The synopsis tells nothing about what comes next after the accident, which covers 90% of the story. I knew nothing about quadrilepgic or the seriousness of the case. From my reading Will is wheelchair-bound, has to be¬†spoon fed, cannot shift his body on his own nor controlling his own bowel and bladder. Every time I caught on his limitations, I was like.. really?... and then… that too?… ūüėź That sounds really terrible and I really sympathise with what the accident had turned him into.

What impressed me the most is that Lou falls for this guy. The guy that I feel so sorry for because he’s got so much plans for his life but he’s spending his life on the wheelchair hating¬†every second of it. When Lou started working for Will, I understand his anger and raving but it goes on until….. the end. This book feels real because she falls for a guy when he’s at his worst. But then again does it¬†happen in real life? I have so much respect for Lou. She loves Will so much that she wants to be with him even with his current state. While I’m reading, I couldn’t stop hoping that he will get better. In my mind, it was all, “no it cant be that bad, he will get cured..” But, it hit me hard¬†when I learned that he is incurable.¬†He’s never gonna be like a normal person again. No running nor walking for the rest of his life.

So I think, okay he cannot be cured but there must be something else, something good at the end of it. I so hope that he regain his will to live. But here’s the catch. If he wants to live he wants it like everybody¬†else. Healthy and able to move around or else he rather die. But I really really hope that he changes his mind with Lou around. I was very close to the end but I stopped and I peaked at the last page. I was so surprised that all the effort put into, all Lou and Will’s family trying to avoid amounted to that ending. I felt angry but anyways, I hope there’s another side to the story and kept reading on…..






There’s no other side. That is all there is. What makes me so angry is that Will rejected everything he had in his life and chose to dwell in dissatisfaction for his disable life, as if it was not worth living. I know I can’t never experience his sufferings because I might¬†decide the same thing. But to think that I’m one of those people who keeps on hoping that he will continue to¬†live, makes me feels unappreciated. Even with his final moments with Lou, he was inconsolable. I still think to this day, he never should have done it. He had so much to look forward in his life IF he could just think of the people who care and love him. I need to stop being mad at Will. It’s only a story!

p/s: Me Before You will be made into movie and released in two years and Sam Claflin will play Will. Good luck hating that Will! ūüėõ

First time with Etihad!

Such a long overdue post. And I’ve been talking about London quite a lot now. I visited over a year ago and I just felt like reliving the memories. Hence, this post!

I went there in winter, and I have to recommend this. Yes, go to Europe in winter! The tickets are so cheap you can just buy the ticket on a whim and jet off¬†the next day! Kidding but I kid you not, it is cheap (esp for people travelling from Asia). So, my flight tickets costed me….. $700! more or less. Now, maybe $700 is not cheap for some people, but I live far from the Europe, more than¬†12hrs flight away. So it is quite reasonable for me ūüôā I travelled with Etihad from my home country. I always travelled with my national¬†airline¬†before, so that was my first experience on another airline. My verdict? Awesome airline!

They are amazing. I always travel economy, but this! This was a whole different level. They treated you really nice¬†and their seats are huge. I have a normal Asian size and physique, so that might be why it felt so big and cosy for me hiks! It felt like a sofa. Very comfortable and can be reclined enough for a good sleep (deep sleep I must add). I’m pretty sure that was A330 I was in. I enjoyed my flight meals as well. Too bad, I didn’t take pictures of my flight meals. I’ve always wanted to compile all the flight meals I had in ALL my flights because I don’t get to travel often because I’m only free on semester breaks and let’s be honest, students have no money ūüė¶ Anyways, it was good. But my biggest regret was that I requested for a low calorie meal. So they didn’t give me the delicious normal meal like the person next to me is having. They substituted with a lot of fruits and bread (healthy ones I think) and basically more fruits…. It’s really my fault that I asked for low cal. Thank god that was just supper. The next morning, they gave us a tasty breakfast and thank GOD!¬†they gave me the same meal as what the others were having. That’s weird.. but they didn’t give me low cal! Ha ha I forgive you for that.

The cabin crew were friendly. Until now, I’ve tried¬†other airlines but I still think that Etihad has the nicest cabin crews. They are the prettiest too! Hehe. I remembered having sickness and I asked for warm milk and paracetamol. They served me right away¬†and checked for my condition a few times afterwards. They gave my milk in a nice mug! I so appreciate it because I got served in a small plastic cup with no handle, the milk’s up to the brim and quite hot to hold. That’s another airlines but you get my comparison now? I had a red-eye flight to Abu Dhabi for my stopover.¬†I had sleep, watched fun movies and tv shows¬†on the entertainment sections and I landed with a happy tummy.

Sadly, Abu Dhabi Airport is a huge let-down. I only stayed in one terminal, so there were limited stores and restaurants. I had to go to a cafe to get a seat, only to be served with a horrible¬†vanilla latte. Such a huge let-down because I was really hungry, I needed coffee to stay awake and beat the time difference and because it costs me $6. I’m a student, even a small amount is¬†precious ūüôā ¬†Anyways, I may have to come back because I would love to fly with Etihad again. Only can hope the airport is better now!

This better be the last one….

So the worst happened a few days ago.

I was in a class where I still haven’t gotten a group because I was absent and I don’t know anyone in that class. I am the only one without a group. ¬†So I tried because for one, I was wrong to be absent and two, I need a group so I can work on a project.¬†I had to be the one who asks around. I really think that if you just ask someone,nobody will¬†say no. Because that is mean and I ¬†will never¬†do that. I mustered up the courage to ask the nearest group to me, only to be replied with reluctance and awkward stares between them. I never felt so rejected and sad given that I made effort to ask and I even made sure I only join them for that day, it won’t be permanent and I will tell the instructor¬†afterwards. One of them said he’s not sure… maybe I could… while turning to his friends but they looked away, or maybe they weren’t even listening. So I just sit with them because I had¬†no other options before the instructor called me. Only then I realised I was shaking, because it put so much pressure on me and I was really¬†sad because I knew there were many people who enrolled in the class without knowing anyone. So I assumed they would understand my situation and be nice. Yet, I got this treatment from the people who had¬†been in my shoes. I was really sad but so so glad I didn’t cry in the classroom out of nervousness. I’m pretty sure my tears won’t make them apologetic towards me. When I finally got assigned to another group, I got up and say thank you guys (for letting me sit there although you never accept me and it’s actually me that invited myself to sit there!) Why I even said that. But I’m glad that I didn’t react sarcastically or roll eyes to them. Because I am nice ha ha. I can never forget of what happened. I can’t believe I was shaking and filled with nervousness over this matter. And I’m not even from here¬† ūüė¶

This is actually my motivation for writing the previous post. I always feel like I have to overcome my introversion. Every time I feel determined to make a difference (usually at the start of semester), I make effort, I fail and then I realise I have to retry (because I want to join clubs and have a fun university life), and I fail again. And the cycle continues for every semester. But I did gain one or two friends in the process. Which I am so grateful for.

I hope anyone who stumbles upon this post doesn’t find it a complaint or my whining instead of getting over it. I just hope that you won’t treat a person this way. I felt hurt but I never want to do it to anyone else, in fact, I always smile to everyone, including those who treated¬†me badly before. The best part is, they felt guilty afterwards and actually tried to befriend me. Well, sometimes it’s too late and¬†I don’t want a forced friendship, out of pity or guiltiness. Mihmihmih.

On another note, I can’t wait to finish this semester!

This is serious…

I have a problem. I am naturally an introvert. I don’t talk much with people I just met¬†and I don’t click with people right away. But I do have a few close friends that I truly cherish and knew for a very long time. I purposely choose my major so I don’t have to work in a field where I need to deal with people. I know I am not good at it. Is it my fault that I avoid it from the start? Ok, so turns out, I, no.. not just me, we, we need good social skills to survive college. Not that I have none. But, I am naturally an introvert, so it’s really hard for me. I tried. And I am still trying. I just feel so bewildered that most people in my class seems to be fine with all the talking and breaking the ice ūüė¶ ¬†I don’t think I am the only one with this problem. The thing is, how do people cope with it? Does everyone eventually overcome this in school or college or at some point? Well I tried.

In my first year, I tried to make friends because I knew I have to get over this. I made a promise that I want to enjoy college. I wanted to join clubs, do fun things so for a start, I have¬†to talk to people and be active! That was hard. Especially when you have nothing in common with EVERYone in the group. I don’t hate them. If anything, I think that’s my fault for not being able to fit in. I don’t know how people do it. So you just enrolled¬†and you go to welcoming party¬†just to get to know new people and make friends. Sounds easy. But help me here. Maybe I can’t manage big groups. Maybe I go¬†to the wrong gathering. Maybe I can find a group that is more like me and my personality. I am fun to talk to as well, my friends think I’m funny. I just can’t take¬†it when there’s too many extroverts in a group. Too awkward. So in the end, I have a few friends from my first year and we are quite close.

Now I’m a senior and I could’t care less about making friends anymore. I just want to cherish these few friends that I have and spend more time with them. Sometimes I envy my group members who blend in right away while we’re doing the project. And I will always be the awkward potato in our gatherings. So tell me, is it only me with this problem? ūüė©

I just felt alone looking at this

Absence makes the heart grow fonder


London was precious. It totally lived up to my Oyster card sleeve that says Priceless London. My trip to the UK sparks an intense motivation in me. I must live there someday. I do not want to just stay for college. I must live there. Is it an obsession or is it just me not trying to move on? As much as I love my country and my family, I always want to settle down somewhere outside my home country. Absence makes the heart go fonder (or apart). I spent almost five years abroad for undergraduate studies and I cherished every second I spent with my family on semester breaks. Not seeing loved ones for so long makes you appreciate their presence, jokes, lame jokes, bad fashion sense, your fighting over remote control and making weird faces. Boy they are funny. When I was home for semester break, I planned every single day to commit myself to my family. I did chores, I cooked, and most importantly, I spent time with them.

So, back to settling down abroad. How far should make your heart grow fonder? Does distance really count? Is it really necessary to go abroad rather than just moving to other states?

While I’m still thinking… my first choice would be London. But all great cities come with great price to pay, that is the living cost. Are¬†there other cities worth living in? But then again, I fell in love in all cities I’ve been to. Only deeper in London. Or England. Mihmihmih. But ultimately, I really wonder how people decide where they should reside, when that place is not in their countries.